Newest Trending Startups

CaptionSaver Pro for Google Meet

Auto-save live captions from Google Meet to Google Drive

CraftStrom – Solar Panel & Battery

Solar for anyone, anywhere ??


A podcast about regular expressions

Improved Google Search by LINER

The smartest Google Search assistant powered by highlights

Block Hooks

Blockchain event subscriptions

Value Bucket Model

Free tool for easy Agile Epic prioritization for value

Portier Technologies

Beautifully Simple Hotel Guest Engagement

Radix UI

An open-source UI component library.

Maker News Bot

All top PH and HackerNews posts, directly to telegram!

Listen to your favourite shows at least once a day

Create & manage all your ads in one place

Background Remover

Quickly remove the background from any photo for free

NetBeez Remote Worker Agent

Simplifying tech support of work from home users.

ProStyle Camera by NeuralCam

One-tap photo editing in the style of pro photographers

?? Kudos by DailyBot

Chatbot for team appreciation. Give simple positive feedback

RDvault R&D Tax Credits Claim Estimator

Slow your UK startup’s burn rate in five minutes

Helios Scout

Property intelligence & analytics on any webpage

The Club by Allcall

COVID conscious trips & on-demand text recs.

Substack Reader

Substacks RSS Reader for their newsletters

Whisk on Slack

Find, share & save recipes with coworkers via Whisk on Slack

2021 Digital Planner for GoodNotes

Start a new year with superpowers.

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